The New Dawn

Rendar and Kai's ship


The New Dawn, a Class 720 freighter, also known as the Ghtroc 720, is a light freighter manufactured by Ghtroc Industries. Though less popular than the competing YT series, the Ghtroc 720 developed a following in the Outer Rim Territories, where Ghtroc Industries was located, and thousands of the freighters remained in use even after the manufacturer went out of business.
Ghtroc 720 schematics

The Ghtroc 720 was 35 meters long and could carry 135 metric tons of cargo in each of its 55 cubic meter main holds. In stock configuration, a fixed double laser cannon was mounted above the slightly raised cockpit. A pair of docking tubes were located on the ship’s rear, and each could contain an escape pod. This configuration gave the freighter a distinctly testudine appearance. The sublight engines were located between the docking tube. Like many light freighters, the Ghtroc 720 was often extensively modified for smuggling purposes.


Acquired in a botched (possibly tipped off) job, the New Dawn was the last flight-capable ship after the slaughter of the other 30 or so smugglers. Finding themselves to be the only ones left, Kai and Ven’yan confiscated the New Dawn as their own.

Over the years, Ven’yan’s dealings and Kai’s mechanical ingenuity have allowed them to turn the New Dawn into a formidable ship, pushing it well beyond its factory standard capabilities. Now, they call their ship home as they go from world to world doing jobs to make ends meet.

The New Dawn

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