High Inquisitor Tremayne

Dark Jedi Megalomaniac of the Galactic Empire


+6 Weapons
+5 Conviction, Resources, Contacts
+4 Athletics, Alertness, Intimidation
+3 Investigation, Presence, Endurance, Lore
+2 Discipline, Might, Fists, Piloting
+1 Empathy, Rapport, Scholarship, Guns, Deceit


Tremayne was a teenaged Jedi padawan when Order 66 was executed. After the Purge had run its course, he was captured and offered a choice between death and service. Unfortunately, his knowledge of the Force was greater than his trust in the Force, and he fell to the dark side; he betrayed everything he held dear out of fear and desperation. He was not alone in this choice.

Tremayne has had both an eye socket and his left arm replaced with cybernetic prostheses. He weilds a red lightsaber and is a formidable swordsman. His use of the Force is tainted deeply by the dark side.

It was Tremayne that sought out the truth behind rumors that two Jedi descendants were on Kashyyk during the Rebellion.

High Inquisitor Tremayne

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